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Some Men is a splendid book. Messner, Greenberg, and Peretz combine moving narrative, careful research, and sharp analysis. Tracing the complex relations with changing feminism, and the intense debates, failures and successes of three generations of activist men, this is vividly-written contemporary history from which everyone concerned with gender justice can learn.
— Raewyn Connell, author of Masculinities and Confronting Equality
Some Men is sure to stir the hearts of anyone championing a world where men denounce violence against women and advocate for the liberation of men.
— Rob Okun, Editor of the anthology, VOICE MALE: The Untold Story of the Profeminist Men's Movement
A stellar book that is carefully grounded in the history of the feminist and anti-violence movements, it is a must-read not only for students and scholars of gender, masculinity, feminism, and the anti-violence movement, but also for policy-makers and activists working toward ending gender-based violence.
— Verta Taylor, Professor Sociology and Feminist Studies, University of California Santa Barbara