Winner, 2016 Distinguished Scholarship Award, Pacific Sociological Association

In the last four decades or so, there has grown up a diverse activist community of men who understand that feminism is their movement, too – not only because they support daughters, wives, mothers and co-workers, but because they see violence against females as a normalization of all violence, and a powerful way of limiting men’s full humanity, too. If you want to meet them, learn more and hope more, you’ll find them in the pages of Some Men, a practical, readable, inspiring guide to a crucial, growing, yet rarely reported American movement.
— Gloria Steinem
A stellar book that is carefully grounded in the history of the feminist and anti-violence movements, it is a must-read not only for students and scholars of gender, masculinity, feminism, and the anti-violence movement, but also for policy-makers and activists working toward ending gender-based violence.
— Verta Taylor, Professor Sociology and Feminist Studies, University of California Santa Barbara